Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Odesk: Payment Proof 2

I have been busy for the past few days on some personal stuffs reason why I didn't have time to update this blog.  I got a payment proof from Odesk which I withdrawn last week.  This was on one of my buyers only.  I worked for this amount for one week.


These payment proof from Odesk was from Paypal.  Odesk has a new way of paying contractors here in the Philippines.  Filipinos could withdraw their earning straight from their own banks in the Philippines.  Cool thing about this is that the deduction is only $0.99.  There are no third parties.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Friday, April 15, 2011

Buyblogreviews: Payment Proof

I was surprised when I checked my email this morning because I received a payment from BuyBlogReviewsBuyBlogReviews is an online advertising company wherein bloggers (like me) will bid to the advertisers for the review of their product.  

I won one of the advertisements and had a chance to review it in my blog. :-) Here is the payment proof from buyblogreviews.  If you have talent in writing you might as well create a blog.  It is also fun!

Visit buyblogreviews site:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

PTC 25: Payment Proof 2

Another payment was received from one of my trusted PTC sites, PTC 25.  You could withdraw your earnings on this PTC site anytime, there is no minimum payment.  Yup, it is rare to find this kind of PTC site.  This is my second payment proof that I will show you.

Enjoy clicking. :-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Onbux: Payment Proof

I will show you again my first payment proof in Onbux.  This is the first payment I had in a PTC site.  I was really not into clicking on PTC sites before not until I had this payment.  I have learned that PTC are really legitimate.


In Onbux, you will be viewing 4 to 5 sites a day with $0.01 per click.  Minimum payout is $2.00 through Paypal. 

PTC sites in this blog are all legitimate.  As much as possible I will be showing payment proof so that you would know that it is really legitimate. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paypal; Transferring Funds and Withdrawals

I have been saying from my posts here about withdrawals from the PTC sites/Outsourcing sites to Paypal.  However, you might be asking, what is Paypal? How can I withdraw my money from Paypal?

These have been the questions of my auntie when I shared to her about these earning sites.  I told her to just transfer her money to Paypal then from Paypal to a certain bank.  Sounds easy, right?  Yeah, it is really easy.  Let me share to you how this is done.

To answer your question on what is Paypal, for me, this is a "temporary" online bank that you could use to pay or to be paid online.  I forgot to tell you that this can also be used if you want to purchase something online.  You need to validate your account by registering your credit card or debit card.

Now, for the main concern of our topic:  Transferring of funds
  • First you need to have an account in Paypal.  Sign up:
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 
I suggest that the password that you will be using in Paypal would be different from your social media sites or personal email password.  This is for the protection of your account.
  • Once you have signed up, the email address that you used will serve as your "account name".  Therefore everytime a PTC site or any other earning site asked you to input your paypal account, put the email address that you registered.
  • Now, you think you can transfer your earning from this PTC site, all you have to do is to find from the site "withdraw" or "transfer" of earnings.  Some sites would have fees on the transferring but PTC sites don't have fees.
  • Checking your Paypal account, you have thought of transferring that money to your bank account.  Here in the Philippines, there is this bank (Union Bank of the Philippines) wherein they have a specialized account for online transactions.  This has a very low fee.  If you will withdraw Php 7000 up, there will be no fee however if it is lower the fee is only Php 50.
  • Mentioning the Union Bank, if you are interested, you could apply for the EON card on any Union Bank branch for only Php 350.  This card will be processed for two weeks.  
  • Once you had the card, you should enroll that on Union Bank website and register Union Bank on Paypal.  Upon registering in Paypal, a bank code will be asked.  Union Bank's bank code is 010419995.  If you have questions about how to do transactions from Paypal to Union Bank click this. 
That sounds simple and easy, right? :-)  I hope you could now start working and earn eventually.  Happy Earning!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PTC - Payment Proof

I should admit that I am very careful in terms of joining PTC (Paid to Click) sites.  Some of the sites would eventually become spam or would not be active anymore.  For the past months of experimenting which is good or not, I came up with PTC 25 as one of the trusted ones.

I like this site because there is no minimum payment, meaning you could withdraw your earnings anytime.  You could withdraw it through Paypal.  I guess, I have to discuss also to this site how to register in Paypal, withdraw your earnings from a particular site to Paypal and how to transfer Paypal money to your bank account.

Anyway, I am to show you payment proof that I just got from PTC 25.  Some of you would ask why in the world am I wasting my time on this PTC sites.  I joined PTC sites and earn from referrals.  I have like 4 active PTC sites.  While surfing your favorite social media sites, you might as well do some clicking.

There are three ways to earn here in PTC 25, click links, read ads, paid to sign up and click exchange.  A click costs $0.0005, with lots of advertisement to click.

If you have questions about PTC 25, please go to their site.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mylot - Enjoy Discussing, Enjoy Earning

Why is the title, "Enjoy Discussing, Enjoy Earning"?  Well, it's because Mylot is about discussing your views and opinions at the same time earning from these.  Earnings from this site could not be that big, however you would be surprised that while you are enjoying you are earning.

Why am I promoting this site?  When I learned about Mylot, my first objective was to gain money by participating in discussion.  I don't mind what I am talking about as long as I will be earning.  However, I became bored because of the little money that I was getting from it.  It just came to a point that I just want to ask some of the members' opinion about some issues in my life.  Since then, I enjoyed every discussion I started and answered.

This is a good way to increase your network, find other money making sites and friends.  It could be addictive to some.  As a housewife or a bum this is a good way to release stress.

Visit Mylot site and find if you will also enjoy as much as I do.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Odesk: Payment Proof

I worked in three employers already in Odesk.  I have been working for one employer for two months now.  I worked as a Virtual Assistant.  Writing website content, internet marketing, writing for SEO and researches are the main tasks of my job.  I am learning a lot about internet because of this job.

I should admit that I really don't know anything about Search Engine Optimization but in order for me to be competitive in online job hunting, I studied about SEO.  To earn online means to know about SEO.  I will again, give you insights of my understanding about SEO on other articles.

I will show you this payment proof that I earned for a week.

Odesk: Hourly Rate and Fixed Rate

There are two ways on how to earn in Odesk, hourly and fixed compensation.  Buyers/employers decide if they will pay their contractors in hourly or fixed rate.  I haven't had any experience on applying for a fixed rate job because I really don't want to take risks.  However, knowing Odesk buyers would really pay for their contractors be it a fixed or hourly rate.

Fixed Rate

You should be certain that you know the job well and you will finish it on the time that was agreed.  On jobs having fixed rate, you will have this disclaimer in Odesk to know that the payment is not guaranteed.  Once, you agreed on the application will be sent to the buyer.

sample of job requiring fixed rate

Hourly Rate

For me, jobs that compensate hourly is better than of the fixed ones.  You might ask how would the buyers know that you worked on a particular hour.  You need to download Odesk Team.  In Odesk team, you could start your time in a particular employer and this particular software would have screen shots on the tasks that you do in an hour.  Through this, the employer would know how many hours will be paid for you.

Watch about the Odesk team room.

Odesk-Changing How the World Works

The first site that I would like to recommend is Odesk.  I have learned about this when I was reading a forum.  There was this girl who has been working in Odesk since 2009 and apparently she is getting her income from this site.
The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk
What is Odesk?  Odesk acts as a medium for business or company owners and contractors.  If a business owner wants to outsource some of his people with competitive rates, he will go to Odesk.  While a contractor who has skills in writing, marketing, administrative works, web design, programming, engineering, customer service and the likes can find job here in Odesk.  Click this to know how Odesk works ---->>  How Odesk Works?

How can you earn in Odesk?  Of course, in order to earn in Odesk you should register first, complete your profile/resume, take exams and apply for jobs.


Creation of Account
1.  You want to be hired and earn money so you sign up as Freelance Contractor.
2.  Complete the necessary details needed

    Fill up your resume - Skills, Certifications, Employment Histories, Education and Other Experiences
    For the Contractor's Profile, you need to write your hourly rate.  I know you will be very excited to input high hourly rate, however in Odesk there are some instances that employers would ask applicants to bid for a job.  I suggest you input $1.5 to $3 an hour.  Once you gain good feedbacks from your previous buyers you could increase your rate eventually.
    Be sure to take the Odesk Readiness Exam, your profile would not be completed if you do not take this.  There are also free examinations that would prove your skills.
    For Odesk Readiness Exam, be sure to watch the webinars and read more about Odesk on their website.  This is pretty easy exam.

Job Application
    Now, you are ready to look for a job.  There are lots of jobs here that are related to internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing and the likes.  I am not an expert here but I would write a different article about this so that you could also apply for jobs related to this.


The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

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