Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Onbux is a SCAM

Just to keep you updated about my last post on Onbux if it is a SCAM or not, I am writing this post.  Well, unless Onbux will pay me the $3 that me and my referrals have worked on I will not say this...  ONBUX IS A TOTAL SCAM!

This is actually the first time, I announced a site that is a scam.  What is a SCAM?  According to Answers.com,  a scam is a fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.  

How did I come out that Onbux is a SCAM?
  • I read on forums that Onbux is a SCAM.  Read this forum thread
  • I worked on it for quite a while and have my referrals work on it too so that I could reach my payout to $3.  I withdrew my payment but haven't received it til now.
  • I sent a ticket on Onbux asking about my payment and they did not respond.
I recommend you not to work on Onbux anymore.  If this is not a scam, it is obvious that Onbux is on a vanishing phase.  

Goodluck on your online earnings.  Keep updated by following this blog.

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